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Related post: Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 07:44:00 EDT From: Subject: On my way to workThis is another true story loli repon info guestbook about a sexual encounter between two consenting adult males. As usual, if you're not old enough, or it's not legal where you are, don't read this.I have several stories scattered throughout the various sweet young lolita boys categories in the Archives. All are true, unless otherwise noted. I use lola angel before surgery different names in different stories, for obvious reasons.This story involves unprotected sexual contact. However, I do not advocate the practice of sexual contact without the protection of a condom. Unfortunately, when the urge kicks in and the situation presents tiny lolita black girls itself, reason sometimes shuts nude lolita model pixs lolita bbs lol undreage down.For those of you who 14 yrold little lolitas have not lolita nymph hard core read any of my preteen lolita bbs tgp other stories. I am a zoo loli top 100 Caucasian male, in my late 40's. I am a closet bisexual, (as I suspect loli dorki repon guestbook most lolita girl model photo bisexual males are). My particular "thing" is performing orally.I've been a cocksucker as far back as I lolita young model porn can remember. I couldn't youngest nude models lolita care less about getting my own cock sucked, & I don't like taking a dick up my ass, but I do love it being pumped in and out of my mouth preteens lolitas models pics & shoved down my throat! Although I know it's dangerous (especially these days), I also love anonymous encounters. This story is about both.On my way to workThe story takes place about 3 years ago. I sexy little lolita preteens didn't drive and relied on public transportation preteen lolita bbs cgi to get where I needed to go. pics models preteens lolita pre teen loli girls Especially to work. At the time russians lollitas teens preteens I was working the night shift. My routine went like this. I would catch the bus downtown earlier than I actually needed to. When I got to the terminal I usually had about an hour and a half to kill. I'd go to lolitas pics private collection free lolita russian thumbs one of my favorite restaurants for some lunch. There is a small indoor strip mall in the downtown area. dark lol rape bbs After lunch I'd uncesored preteen lolit y walk around the mall abit. Invariably I'd have to use the bathroom.This strip mall had a very small bathroom that I'd frequent. It had two stalls, a sink and one urinal. The urinal was situated on the wall at a right angle from the stalls, and there child tgp cp lolita was no protective shield. So that, if someone came in to use the urinal, and you young lolas micro bikini were sitting in the correct stall, you could get a straight view of their equipment. (I always morenas penetradas lolitas 27 used that stall when possible) The bathroom was lolitas con tias consoladores not a very busy place in the afternoon. The incidence of someone else coming in while I was there were rare, but it did happen on occasion. On two specific occasions, in fact.One day I went through my usual routine, and was sitting in my usual top 100 lolita art stall in the bathroom. I heard the door open and someone entered the bathroom. I looked through the crack between the door, on the left hand side of the stall. I could see that this guy, either didn't lolita teen bbs tgp realize sleeping loli pics nude there was someone else there or, was not shy at lolita swim team pic all. As soon as he stepped nn loli y o inside the bathroom, he young preteen lolita pictures pulled his zipper down and hauled out his flaccid cock before he got halfway to the urinal. When he did get there, he stood a good six inches away while pissing. Which afforded me a great profile view of his equipment. (I'd switched to looking out the right hand crack, along the wall.) He 10 yr lolitas nude had a young lolita child models good looking cock, even though it was soft. While it didn't appear to be oversized, when he held it as he pissed the head stuck out past his fingers. Anyway, there's an old saying that goes, "if you shake it more than twice, you're playing with it."This guy little lolli model pics must like to play with it. Because when he'd finished pissing he shook his dick about a half dozen times. He stuffed hot naked girls loli it back into his pants, washed his hands in the sink and came over to the papertowel dispenser. Which hangs child nude xxx lolita just outside the stall door. As he was drying his hands, he looked into the stall where I was sitting. I looked down at the floor & pretended I didn't know he forbidden little girls lolitas was there. He turned & left the bathroom. I waited a few minutes, then left to catch my bus.The next day I went through my usual routine, and ended up top list pre lolita russian preteen lolli pics back in the bathroom. In my favorite stall. Within a few minutes, the best lollie lolita clips door opened & the same guy came in. He went through the same routine as the day before. Only this lolitas young boy pic time, when he came over to the towel dispenser, I was waiting for him. I figured, foyza bbs lol svens if young loli sister xxx he wanted to look, I'd give him something to look at. I'd been slowly stroking my cock, so that it was hard new japan lolitas bbs lolita model free pics when he looked through the crack. I didn't look up at him, nude preteen lollipop girls but I knew he was there. Watching me stroke my hard cock. While he was standing at the stall 9yo preteen bbs lolita door, pretending to dry his hands, I glanced up enough to see lolita bbs girls pictures the outline of his cock hanging down the inside free lolita blowjob movies of his left top 100 lolitas paysites pants hairy nude lolitas preeteens leg. The bulge was clearly defined, and growing. I looked up to see him watching me slowly, steadily, stroking my own hard cock.Then I heard him whisper, "You preteen lolita bbs rompl wanna suck pre lolitas underground pics my lolit model bbs nue cock?" At first I loli guestbook image board wasn't sure I'd heard him correctly, so I said, "what?" lolita pictures pthc bbs He repeated, in a slightly bolder voice, "You wanna suck my cock?" I had to think lolita huge black boobs about this for a couple pre lolita pageants nude of seconds. He'd actually taken me by surprise. At the most, I'd expected him to ask if lolita teen little young he could suck mine. Secondly, while I was interested in seizing the opportunity to get a cock in my mouth, I wasn't real sure about doing it in such a public place! Where famosas gratis lolitas kingdom anyone could walk in at anytime! After a second or two nude lolita rape stories I heard myself saying, "sure, but not here." To which he immediately responded, "it'll be OK, open the door." It pussy preteens virgins lolita was as if my hand was pre teen lolita desnuda in automatic mode, as I reached up and undid the 14 yo lolis models latch.He quickly stepped in and closed & latched lost lolita preteen paradise the door nude or nnude lolitas behind him. He was standing right in front of me. His crotch directly at eye preteen lolita models thumbs level. He quickly pulled his petite hairy lolita thumbs zipper down and hauled out his stiffening cock, without nastia mouse lolita nude undoing the button of bikini models world lol his pants. 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I continued this action while he rocked preteen underage lolita bbs his hips back & forth in time with my sucking. He didn't say anything, just kept moaning deep in his throat. I was reveling in the feel of his lolita teen art pic pulsing member sliding back & forth over my tightly pursed lips. Feeling the head free teen lolita porn jab at my throat with each inward thrust. There's nothing like the feeling of a lolita innocent models pics hot hard throbbing cock rubbing across your lips and filling your hungry saliva filled mouth!! Feeling your tongue rub the fat pulsing vein along the bottom!! Knowing that, soon you'll be sucking the very manhood out of it!! I always say, "If at first you don't succeed. Suck, suck `til you do suck seed!"All too soon I heard him moaning louder. He began to press his throbbing boner into my face more intensely. He was saying, no nude lolita boys in a deep guttural whisper, "I'm gonna cum! You're real illegal loli sex gonna make me cum! You want my cum!? You wanna eat my loli pics with boys cum!? In answer I just sucked underage lolita nude love harder as I felt that familiar hot rush of liquid hit the roof of my mouth, and loli porn angel teen my tongue. I continued to bob & suck as his top lolitas bbs links eruption filled my mouth with his deliciously hot salty sweet juice. When he'd finished pumping his load free lolta cute angils into my sucking mouth he withdrew his, still stiff, log and was stuffing it back into his pants as he opened the stall door & rushed out of the bathroom. I held his load underage lolita nude pics in my tightly closed mouth lolita rompl chill pics for a brief while, nude home lolita com before swallowing it. After I'd reclosed the stall door, I pumped my own steel hard cock about three strokes before shooting the biggest free rape daddy loli load onto my chest I'd shot in a very long time.After cleaning young lolita alone pantie myself up loli 8years 3d hentai and regaining my composure, teen model art lolita I went preteen lolita bbs archives to catch my bus & headed to work. The whole episode only took a few minutes, from start lols 14yr ls models to finish, but I found it very exciting. In fact I had to go to the bathroom, at work, & jack off twice that night, just thinking erotic lolas young models about! I'd gone back to that bathroom several times after that. Hoping to meet up with the guy again, but I never did. Oh well, such is life. As usual, I welcome positive feedback. Email me at
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